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You can configure receiving automatic alerts to get notified whenever your monitor(s) report a problem.


Alert Rules are to define when and how your contacts will be notified if a monitor fails.

To receive alerts, you need first to create contacts of different types in your account, to be alerted by one of the following methods:

  • Email - We allow sending unlimited number of email alerts.
  • SMS (Short Message Service) - You will receive alerts via SMS as soon as you have positive SMS notifications balance.
  • Phone Call - You can receive a call at the number of your choice anytime, day or night.
  • Phone Call & SMS - You will be alerted via both phone call and SMS.
  • IM - You will receive alerts via instant messaging service. Currently, we support Google Talk.
  • URL callback - You will be receiving alerts via URL callbacks.
  • Push Notifications - Install Monitor.Us mobile application on your iOS device to receive alerts on the go.


Contact is to enable you to receive alerts and email reports. The number of Contacts is unlimited.

  • Click on the "Alerts"->"Contacts"->"New Contact".
  • Fill in all the required fields and click Next.
  • Go to "Delivery settings" to specify the report name and the frequency of its being sent.
  • Review and edit Alert rules for your newly created contact. Once finished, click "Done".
  • Check your e-mail, SMS, Phone, or IM to confirm the contact.