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End-user monitoring allows you to monitor the real time experience of your users from real browsers and different locations simultaneously. Using Full Page Load, Transaction and Real User Monitoring, you can measure and track your visitors' behaviour on your websites, eCommerce platforms and SaaS applications.

Full Page Load Monitoring

With Full Page Load Monitoring, you can see how long it takes to load a complete HTML page in real browsers. By tracking the load times of each individual image, CSS, JavaScripts, RSS, Flash and frames/iframes, the tool measures your web visitors' user experience and satisfaction level.

Paid Monitoring full page load provides:

  • Breakdown of page load by page components.
  • Load times of all images, CSS, JavaScript, RSS, Flash, frames.
  • Detailed timelines of each individual request.
  • Alerts when elements of any page don't load (e.g., "404 error").
  • The start and finish time of the load for each item on the page.

Adding a Full Page Load Monitor

To add a Full Page Load Monitor go to the Monitors menu-> select Full Page Load- > enter the URL-> Select the frequency and the Monitoring Locations (you can select only 2 simultaneously) -> click Add.

Waterfall Report Transmission Definitions

  • DNS - The time it takes to look up a site from DNS servers.
  • Connecting - The time it takes to connect to a site once found by DNS.
  • Blocking - This is the function of not displaying the UI (user interface) until the page has completed loading. Some webmasters do not want the page to load partially to the view as it is being loaded.
  • Sending - The time it takes sending/requesting data from the site.
  • Waiting - The time it takes for the Data to be transmitted.
  • Receiving - The time it takes for the data to be received.